Build a website

Our process is simple and clean, at every step we communicate the client of the updates.



We take as much information as we can from your business.

The notes from this step will make the creative ideas to build the website. Images, videos, etc must be provided.

In other words... Brainstorm!



It's time to put our ideas into reality. We make a clean design using smart assets created by our team.

The aim for this design is to provide easy usability for users.

This step is very important as it needs approved from the client.



Coding is our best friend.

Our experienced team of developers will take what is written in paper and make it digital.

This development includes mobile responsiveness as well.



Before launching the site, we run through as many test as possible to assure the accessibility and usability of the web site.

After successful testing, the site will be launched to the Internet.



We take support and maintenance very seriously. Here is where we listen to new ideas from our clients to update the website.

We understand our clients may change a few decisions, so we are here to help.

Digital Plan


This is the further work that we do together with support and maintenance.

We will inform you of the digital tools we can work with you in order to make your brand mainstream.

Digital plan includes social media, google analytics, tag manager, etc.

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